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Markus Krause

Computer Scientist by training - Game Designer by Profession
and Psychologist by Heart

Dr. Markus Krause is an engineer, an artist, and a serial entrepreneur with a love for humans and the way they think, act, and reflect. His main research interest is the integration of human and artificial intelligence to solve challenges neither humans nor machines can solve alone. He is currently working as an algorithmic policy wrangler at Google. He founded and advised various startups in artificial intelligence, health care, workforce development, and education.

During his career he invented a language style interpreter with a broad range of applications in healthcare, team building, hiring support, and improving peer reviews.

Dr. Krause co-founded various companies in the Bay Area and Europe. As director of machine learning at Diagnoss he invented a patent pending technology, helping doctors to communicate and file claims with insurance companies. At Brainworks he invented a technology for vital sign detection. His technology uses a video stream of a persons face to detect heart rate and breathing. He invented a natural language tool to support mental health conversations between an artificial intelligence and human users for Telefonica's Koa Health.

Based on his inventions Dr. Krause also founded the Mooqita project at the University of California Berkeley. He leads the project as primary investigator and Director of the Board. The project helps students in online courses to find job opportunities. The project has 20 contributors from around the world and was able to help refugees during the 2016 migration crisis in Europe. An overview of his research on Mooqita is available online. More publications can be found on google scholar.

As part of his research Dr. Krause also founded the Worklearn Workshop Series. The workshop series investigates the Future of Work and the integration of new forms of online education and work. His PhD. on using games to integrate human and artificial intelligence is available as book: Homo Ludens in the Loop. During his PhD. Dr. Krause was also the Primary Investigator for the award winning Wupddi game project. The game supports Parkinson’s disease patients in their daily exercise regime.

During his masters in computer science Dr. Krause was the Art Director of Emergency 2 which sold more than 100.000 copies to date and was the corner stone of the Emergency series.